Blockchain data has many facets, one of which is history. But history can mean many different things and your product might need access to historical data in different ways.

At dfuse, we already offer dfuse Search, a powerful, real-time blockchain data search engine, able to search the full history of large networks often in less than a second. Not only that, but we open-sourced it so you can roll it out on your laptop.

However, dfuse Search focuses on searching a given time window (from a low block, to a high block).  That’s perfect for many use cases, but what if:

  • You operate a wallet app, and you want to display past transactions for a user that is running your app.
  • You need the most recent transaction to be shown right away, even if it was millions of blocks ago.
    • That would require the full history to be available, and that’s costly.
  • Maybe you’re fine with not showing the last 5 million transactions by a user who’s running trading operations with bots.
    • Again, that would be wasteful to index, for your purpose.

Account History is our solution to these kinds of requirements: an easily paginated and cost effective full history indexing solution, per account, and/or per account per contract.

You can subscribe to the hosted version of dfuse right now on on EOS Mainnet and WAX, and use our service:

  • providing the last 1000 actions for each user on the chain, or
  • the last 100 actions for each user’s interaction with each contract encompassing the full history of the chain.

This solution is also available today in the open-source and self-managed dfuseeos software.

See documentation on how to use it here.