The EOS history API is incredibly useful to anyone wanting to list things that happened on the blockchain, but the way the native version works is slow and unreliable. So, we decided to leverage the dfuse Search to provide developers with the first massively scalable history API for EOSIO chains.

With the latest innovations at dfuse, we can serve the needs of all developers for a powerful history API, but with a special twist:

  • Easily filter out all extra information, receiving only the actions you need
  • Pagination is deterministic (using a cursor instead of an offset), so you won’t miss transactions because the chain is moving
  • You can be extremely specific in the type of history you’re after: you want transfers from Alice to Bob, we’ll serve you *just that*
  • Retrieve history from any range of blocks, and sort in ascending or descending order
  • You can retrieve history for only the blocks that have passed irreversibility

All of that plus a few interesting properties:

  • Reliable and monitored APIs
  • Multiple data centre redundancy, promising high-availability everywhere
  • Web-scale data backends, for incredible performance
  • 24/7 support
  • Access to all of the other incredible benefits that come with using dfuse

A Single Endpoint to Remember for a Better History API

To try it out, simply swap your request to /v1/history/get_actions for, and add your query. All details are available in the dfuse API documentation.

To get the same transactions you get with the historic “history API”, run the query: (auth:accountname OR receiver:accountname). It just so happens that the history API indexes the transactions signed by accountname OR those that notified you. But just in case you need something else, tweak the query, and be amazed.

You’re looking for individual actions instead of transactions? Hang tight, and join the dfuse Telegram channel for more announcements. Get your own free dfuse API key and let’s build the development experience of your dreams together.

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