After a comprehensive beta period to test and improve the dfuse API for the EOS mainnet, and Jungle and Kylin testnets, we are happy to announce today the launch of our self-serve API key solution to help developers freely build and scale their applications on the blockchain.

Easy to Use, Easy to Start

Our goal at dfuse is to always make things simpler to use, yet as powerful as one wishes. We strive to provide the solutions that developers need to quickly and easily build their application. We kept this simplicity of use in mind by offering you a user portal to freely create and manage your API keys.

Get started by signing up on with your email address, your GitHub account, or your Google profile. Validate your dfuse account, create your first API key and voilà!

To help you better manage your projects and prevent abuse, we’re offering three categories of API key – mobile, web, and server. You can read more about the API key types and rate limiting in our docs.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 11.33.36 AM

Get Streaming in Less Than a Minute!

Now that you have your first dfuse API key in hand, follow our extensive documentation and get blockchain data with just a few lines of code. To give you an idea of the possibilities offered by the dfuse API and how easy it is to use, we published 4 examples you can play with on our website.

Create your free account today and start building the Web 3.0. We invite you to join the dfuse community on Telegram for support, to share your feedback and your journey of building the next generation dapps.

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