We are announcing today some important changes to our hosted EOS Mainnet dfuse Search, following our previous announcement regarding the dfuse Community Edition. Effective September 1st 2020, dfuse Search will be replaced by a strictly free and temporary service available until the dfuse Community Edition hosted by EOS Nation is up and running (date to be determined). This temporary offering will include:

  • 48 hours history Search
  • Heavily rate-limited
  • Best-effort availability

We thank our many customers that have already transitioned to our performance-optimized dedicated deployment solution, which offers a filtered view of EOS Mainnet, where you pay only for what you need.


Here are a few side effects of this transition:

  • eosq.app will now display only 48h of history (until it becomes backed by the dfuse Community Edition)
  • Users subscribed to a paid plan strictly consuming EOS Mainnet data will be reverted back to a free plan
    • This excludes Enterprise customers on dedicated deployments
  • dfuse State will continue providing data at any block height, for the full history
  • Remember that Search cursors older than 48 hours might break, as per our normal guarantee
  • To align with dfuse Search, get_action_traces calls will now return filtered results, excluding token transfers in and out of eidosonecoin and eosiopowcoin accounts

To keep up with the latest information regarding the upcoming launch of the dfuse Community Edition, be sure to join the EOS Nation Telegram channel.