How AIKON uses dfuse to support additional blockchains easily, quickly, and reliably

dfuse has enabled AIKON, the blockchain identity company, to add new blockchains to its platform as easily as flipping a switch, while offering a great user experience and enhanced reliability

800+ hrs

saved in developer time


reduction in downtime for AIKON customers

What is AIKON?

AIKON offers ORE ID, a universal authentication & authorization platform for blockchain, and the ORE Protocol, which offloads access control, identity & payment to the blockchain.

ORE-ID makes OAUTH, email, and SMS based authentication available to developers of decentralized applications, enabling their users to log in using the same ways they are used to in the Web 2.0 world. Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Protocol, the technology underlying ORE-ID, is a secure blockchain protocol for managing API access control. The ORE Protocol enables any asset or service to be managed on blockchain aka “tokenized”, provides blockchain-based identity services to manage these tokenized assets, and simplifies the sale and payment of tokenized assets and services

“One of ORE-ID’s missions is to make it easy, easy, easy for developers to utilize decentralized tech by reducing friction points.” – Tray Lewin, CTO of AIKON

How dfuse Accelerates AIKON’s Mission

Realizing AIKON’s ambition to provide a universal identity and tokenization solution requires the AIKON team to maintain a laser focus on their core technology. dfuse enabled AIKON to focus on building the unique capabilities needed to realize their vision, rather than spending time and effort on infrastructure.

“Between the need to run multiple full history nodes per blockchain, keeping those in sync, and building out a solution that provided reliable delivery guarantees, it made sense to replace all of that with dfuse. We saved the working time of 2 engineers working for at least 3 months, plus all ongoing support, plus as a startup, we were able to get started right away.” – Tray Lewin, CTO of AIKON

AIKON estimates that dfuse helped them save hundreds of hours of effort:

  • 200+ hours saved on engineering time for the ORE-ID service
  • 100+ hours saved in troubleshooting and debugging
  • 400+ hours saved in code development
  • 100+ hours saved in support when synchronizing with another blockchain

AIKON’s customers rely on ORE-ID as a critical onramp to their applications, so reliability and uptime are of the utmost importance. dfuse enabled AIKON to reduce downtime by over 95% for their users. This allowed AIKON to offer their customers a strong SLA from day one, based on AIKON’s confidence in dfuse’s reliability its SLA guarantees. “There’s a great peace of mind that comes with knowing that should an emergency happen at 2 o’clock in the morning, it would be handled by dfuse, and not us.”

AIKON’s new open-source library Chain-js includes a plug-in to flag and interact with any chain supported by dfuse. Knowing both the time and code savings they were able to achieve themselves, AIKON knew that any developer in the ecosystem who could take advantage of dfuse, should.


AIKON offers GDPR & CCPA compliant Identity as a Service that connects businesses & their users to the most important public blockchains


AIKON needed a way to easily bring their ORE-ID identity solution to additional blockchains without the significant efforts required to install and run several kinds of native blockchain nodes, develop custom code to interface with each type of node and their unique APIs, debug API issues, and support this extensive technology footprint outside their core product.


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