Following the great feedback we have received from developers using the dfuse API, we have recently added new indexes to improve the queryability of the chain. Today, we are happy to highlight some of them to help you develop faster and more powerful applications on the blockchain.

scheduled:true to match transactions that were deferred (matches once they are executed only).

notif:true to match actions that were notifications from a previous action (an example would be the two child actions shown beneath a transfer when viewing the transaction on a block explorer such as eosq)

input:true to match top-level actions, those that were directly intended by the transaction signer (as nested actions are always side effects of an input actions’ execution)

ram.consumed:accountname and ram.released:accountname to match actions that have affected the RAM owner by a given account

data.abi and data.code index the sha256 hash of the contents of their respective data field (to see a recent update to the eosio account’s codebase, try: data.code:66444bcdb50a89cec3e028e94d9d096bee050377048ba48cd6bea172ecdf6f85)

db.key, db.scope, and db.table to match actions that updated, inserted or removed data from a table, a scoped table, a scope alone, a key either fully qualified (table/scope/primary key) or simply the primary key. See the documentation for full details.

The above additions began with feature requests from developers, so please don’t be shy to join the conversation in our Telegram channel and let us know what you need. If you have any questions, check through our ever-expanding documentation. We want to provide you with the most comprehensive tool to ensure that you can provide the best possible experience to the end user.

If you’re looking to increase your speed of development, receive the most reliable information from the chain, improve the fault tolerance of your dapp, or don’t want to deal with running your own backend infrastructure to manage the blockchain’s database, come and apply for your free dfuse API key.