Since before the launch of the mainnet, the team behind dfuse have been focused on developer tooling. Since their launch in February 2019, EOS Studio, a graphical IDE built by the Obsidian Labs team, has been focused on this as well. We each thoroughly believe that if developers have easy access to powerful tools, then user adoption is just around the corner.

We are excited to announce today that our teams have created a partnership to bring forward the quickest and most powerful way to get started when developing for an EOSIO blockchain. Together, we will offer the incredible user interface and user experience of EOS Studio, and the powerful and robust APIs of dfuse, bringing *all* data within easy reach of even a new developer. This partnership brings both teams closer to fulfilling their vision of onboarding millions of developers to the ecosystem.

EOS Studio is well known for having developed an Integrated Development Environment to either launch your own local EOSIO testing environment, or interact with the EOS mainnet, or either the Jungle or Kylin testnets. It offers complete control over which contracts (and versions thereof) are deployed, with quick access to tweak and configure the environment to your unique needs. The transactions list on EOS Studio has been provided through dfuse’s endpoints. We are already set to work together, and this partnership will help us both ramp up the offerings we can provide to the eager and talented developers that are building on top of the EOSIO software.

dfuse is well known for having a full suite of powerful developer tools:

  • eosq – the most in-depth and high-precision block explorer for an EOSIO network
  • dfuse Search – easily parse through the entire contents of the blockchain to pluck out *just* the information you need
  • dfuse Stream – powerful GraphQL Subscription and WebSocket APIs to filter live data being written to the network
  • dfuse Lifecycle – track the progress of your transactions, and get notified only when you want, giving you the reliability you need for your application
  • dfuse On Demand Networks – Easy access to a dev, test, or production environment so that your team can focus on what you do best, while dfuse supports the rest
  • dfuse Workers – Get notified on your medium of choice when specific transactions occur on the blockchain; monitor your accounts, take actions, or power your applications features

EOS Studio recently announced the launch of EOS Studio Web (set to go live on June 24, 2019), giving any developer access to:

  • A web code editor for EOSIO
  • A cloud-based smart contract compiler
  • The ability to sign transactions with Scatter
  • The ability to manage multiple projects on the go
  • EOS Studio’s Contract Inspector and Account Viewer within the browser
  • Rich hands-on tutorials

This will also create a developer hub where devs from around the world can interact with each other to share code snippets, garner feedback, raise awareness about their projects, and have access to rich hands-on tutorials.

dfuse will be operating the EOS Studio test network, providing users with yet another option when it comes to developing their application’s smart contracts. This network will also offer faster finality times, providing you with a different set of features under which to test your contracts. This means that EOS Studio users will now have access to dfuse’s GraphQL, WebSocket, and REST endpoints, a dedicated block explorer to easily interact with their test environment through a web interface, and quickly set up a webhook.

dfuse will take part in EOS Studio’s developer community, as it takes great pride in being part of the EOSIO developer community — the most supportive and collaborative community in the blockchain space. dfuse will be providing access to all open source smart contracts it has written (including the smart contract), and by creating highly technical tutorials to give you the knowledge and understanding you need to become an EOSIO expert yourself!

This is just the beginning of a strong and powerful partnership that will help to change the landscape of dapp development on EOSIO. Keep an eye on the EOS Studio Web page to get access as soon as it’s live. Until then, you can peruse the dfuse documentation to get familiar with its many powerful features. Jump into the conversations in the EOS Studio Telegram channel, and the dfuse API Telegram channel.