At dfuse our mission is to empower the tens of millions of developers around the world to integrate blockchain into their applications — easier, faster and cheaper. To help accelerate the adoption of Ethereum by developers, the dfuse team is a sponsor of the upcoming ETHWaterloo Hackathon taking place November 8 to 10, 2019 in the beautiful city of Waterloo.

5,000 DAI in API prizes

We are excited to announce that we will be awarding API prizes totalling 5,000 DAI, including a 2,000 DAI grand prize, to the teams that best integrate dfuse into their projects. We will be particularly looking for projects that will stand out as the most fluid and lively user experience.

Integrating dfuse into your project

dfuse is a platform that has been designed from the ground up to empower dapp developers with the capabilities they need to build modern blockchain applications with fast, fluid interfaces that deliver exceptional user experiences. We have recently announced the world’s fastest and most data-rich Search for Ethereum and will be announcing additional powerful products specialized for Ethereum before the hackathon.

Here are some examples of projects that can be built using dfuse:

  • Highly performant and interactive user interfaces (lending platforms, wallets, DEX, games, etc.)
  • Tracking real-time trades on decentralized exchanges
  • Real-time tracking of DeFi positions
  • High precision dapp analytics

We are looking forward to all the amazing new projects that will come out of ETHWaterloo. If you’re attending the hackathon, make sure to come see us at our sponsor table! The co-founders and members of the engineering team will be onsite!

For more information, make sure to visit our dedicated page covering the event!

Join the conversation in the dfuse Ethereum Telegram Channel and on Twitter and let’s build tomorrow’s next-generation dapps.