dfuse is excited to announce today that it has joined as a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) in their goal to spread awareness about blockchain technologies and encourage adoption. As a member, dfuse will participate in the open forum created by BGA to foster the sharing of knowledge and overall advocacy of blockchain in gaming. We look forward to contributing to the BGA and joining its network of thirty other companies in supporting their mission.


What is the BGA?

The BGA is a coalition of companies committed to promoting blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens within the game industry. They encourage adoption by highlighting their potential to foster new ways to create, publish, play, and build strong communities around games, to broadening the horizons of blockchain technology within the gaming industry. The mission of the BGA is to provide its members with a thriving space for networking opportunities within the videogame industry, creating business partnerships, and helping members to reach more players, partners, and investors. Further, they help to collaborate on the development of standards and best-practice sharing, advancing public understanding, and providing a platform for inclusive discussion.


How dfuse Improves the User and Developer Experience

One of the main points of focus for dfuse has always been to provide real-time data directly to the backend, without the need to constantly poll. This subscription model provides instantaneous pushes of data that are relevant to the user, giving a game developer the ability to deliver the best response time while incorporating blockchain data. So the next time a user collects an item in-game, we’ll make sure that your backend knows about it right away. No more need to ask, just take advantage of the fastest response times to deliver near-instant updates to your users.

In addition, dfuse provides a consistent view of the chain. As some other data providers load balance their traffic, it is possible to end up on a node that has not received a transaction that is relevant to the user, or has not yet seen that the relevant transaction has been forked out. This uncertainty can lead to poor user experiences, or having a user take a decision based on outdated information. Would you run in to defeat the boss if the powerful sword you just got was actually no longer in your arsenal?


Open Source

dfuse recently open sourced our software for EOSIO, giving developers instant and easy access to the most powerful data tool in the entire EOSIO ecosystem. This means that developers will no longer need to build out and deal with the complex blockchain code, leaving them free to design the most amazing in-game worlds, engrossing story lines, and unique characters.


Try dfuse today. Reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram with any questions/suggestions or to talk about your Ethereum or EOSIO dapp building experience — we’d love to know if you were delighted by the service.


About dfuse

dfuse, the blockchain API company, helps developers build performant applications by organizing the world’s decentralized data.

Powered by its low-latency, open source architecture, dfuse’s robust APIs make it possible to stream real-time state updates, conduct lightning-fast searches and provide irreversible transaction guarantees, all for the first time using a simple API call. The company’s flagship products, dfuse Search, dfuse Lifecycle, dfuse State and dfuse On Demand Networks offer a suite of powerful features that make it easy for developers to customize and deliver first-rate user experiences.

To sign up for free and start building, visit dfuse.io.