We are excited to announce our latest initiative, dfuse Labs. Our mission is to help any developer discover the immense potential that dfuse offers them to quickly develop their project on an EOSIO chain. By sharing code from projects we have built internally, we hope to guide you through the process.

Blockchain data is extremely valuable, but only if you are able to find and retrieve what is important to you. This is where dfuse shines. With a blockchain as performant as EOS, a powerful filter like dfuse is invaluable to sift through the millions of actions that pass through the chain per day.

We wanted to create a space where we can share meaningful demonstrations of the power of dfuse with developers, and show just how easy it is to get your application up and running with dfuse. All of the tools shared on the dfuse Labs page will be free to utilize as you like, change the code to fit your needs, and improve upon.

We are launching the dfuse Labs page with three examples: React Example of Live Action Counts, EOS Grapher and a RAM Usage Tracker. There will be more added over time, as we have many other tools that we are excited to share with the community!

Our React Example was born out of many requests from developers to show them how to easily integrate the data from dfuse into their apps written in React. It tracks the average action count per minute of each of the top 50 actions.

EOS Grapher is a tool which allows you to take a snapshot of the flow of blocks from our perspective of the EOS mainnet. It is useful for following microforks, watching for “eaten” blocks, and seeing which Block Producers may be missing blocks in their scheduled round of block production.

The RAM Usage Tracker allows any user to view a snapshot of which contracts are utilizing their RAM to store data. It allows for historical viewing, and also can bring you right up to the headblock for a snapshot of what is *currently* consuming your RAM. Users now finally have a looking glass into their RAM, giving them greater control over their resources.

The culture at dfuse has always been developer-first and we pride ourselves on ensuring that we are able to help each and every developer who wants to get started in blockchain. We organize an intra-office hackathon every month and we plan to use this as an outlet to show off some of the exciting tools that we come up with so that we can help to inspire others.

If you have any ideas that you’d like to see built, or projects you’ve built, please share them! Brag a little and show off what you’ve done with the community! Reach out to us in our Telegram channel, and let us know what you think.