Since the release of the beta version of dfuse in October 2018, our vision has always been of onboarding millions of developers to the blockchain ecosystem by offering a suite of powerful capabilities that make it easy for developers to deliver first-rate user experiences.

Today, we are excited to announce that dfuse is now officially available for commercial deployment with high-availability SLAs and guarantees and the friendliest support levels. On top of our Free Plan geared toward grassroots projects, we now offer 3 paid plans to support developers at different stages of their project development.

Free Plan: Our generous free plan is ideal for proofs of concept and community projects. It includes all of dfuse’s released product features (dfuse Search, dfuse Stream, dfuse Lifecycle and dfuse API) with our full chain history on steroids and basic support.

Pro Plan: Great for projects launching on mainnet – includes better resource pricing, increased throughput and early access to beta features.

Business Plan: Geared towards projects seeking to scale their operations – includes priority support, high guaranteed throughput, 200% uptime SLA and one private test network.

Enterprise Plan: Custom solutions for mission-critical or high-performance requirements – includes volume discount pricing, 24x7x365 premium support level, custom uptime SLA and access to all the beta features.


For more information on our plans, please visit our pricing page.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our new plans:

Q: What are documents?

A: A document is a single item in an API response. A response containing a list of items will count one document per item. A document can be streamed or paginated.

Q: Can I try dfuse for free?

A: Yes. We offer a generous Free Plan providing you with all the essentials for quickly and easily starting your blockchain project. The Free Plan provides you with up to 250,000 documents per month and also includes Basic Support.

Q: Can I stay on the Free Plan forever?

A: As long as you stay within the limits of the Free Plan (250,000 documents per month), you can use it for free as long as you need to. If your usage is about to exceed the Free Plan limit of 250,000 documents per month, we will contact you to discuss which plan best fits your needs.

Q: I am an existing free user of dfuse and my usage is above the free plan. When will I be billed?

A: As a valued early user of dfuse on the Free Plan, we will only start charging you for your usage above the free plan limits starting on September 1st, 2019. We will contact you if your usage reaches 75% of the free monthly limit to discuss which plan best fits your needs. If you wish to upgrade to a Pro or Business plan to benefit from higher limits, better support, access to beta features, and SLAs, we will start billing you when you upgrade your account.

Q: Do I need to enter my credit card to use dfuse for free?

A: No. If you reach 75% of the free monthly limit of 250,000 documents, we will contact you to suggest our paid options.

Q: The Free, Pro and Business Plans don’t meet my needs, are custom plans available?

A: Yes. For customers with unique needs, high volume expectations, requiring 24x7x365 Premium Support or production On Demand Networks, please contact us to tailor an Enterprise plan.

Q: What happens if I use more than $29 (Pro Plan) / $99 (Business Plan) worth of documents in a month?

A: At the end of each month, usage above the number of documents included in a plan will be charged at the plan’s listed rate per additional document. For example, if you have selected the Business Plan and used 20M documents, the total cost would be $129; your $99 monthly payment would cover the first 15M documents, and your variable charge for that month would be $30 (5 million documents at a cost of $0.000006 per document).

Q: 200% uptime SLA, how is this possible?

A: In the rare event of downtime, you will receive a credit against your monthly fee. For example, for each minute of downtime you will be eligible for 2 minutes of credit, up to a cumulative value of 100% of the monthly service billing.


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