In the blockchain space, things move very quickly and important news can sometimes be buried within the deluge of information. We wanted to ensure that you didn’t miss out on any of the exciting things we at dfuse have been up to, so we put together this recap of the second quarter of 2019.

  • News – Major announcements about dfuse
  • ReleasesNew dfuse API features and endpoints
  • Use CasesGuides on how to maximize your development experience through the many dfuse features
  • Interviews – Our famous “In the Eyes of a Blockchain Developer” interview series where we invite lead developers from the top projects in the space to share their journey, advice and resources

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Jun 28 – dfuse Raises US$3.5M in Seed Financing Led by Multicoin Capital and Intel Capital

Jun 21 – dfuse and EOS Studio Bring Developer Tooling to the Next Level

May 7 – dfuse Labs – Demonstrating the Power of dfuse



May 31 – Let dfuse Launch Your On Demand Network

May 17 – dfuse Adds New API Endpoints to Improve Your Development Experience on EOSIO

May 8 – Use dfuse Events to Easily Find Your Transactions

May 6 – Avoid Refreshing, Provide Instant UX with dfuse Streaming Search

Apr 30 – Five New Data Fields on eosq

Apr 26 – dfuse Brings the Power of GraphQL to EOS

Apr 24 – Announcing New client-js Library for dfuse


Use Cases

May 16 – Where Is My RAM Being Consumed on EOS?

May 15 – Use the dfuse `transaction_lifecycle` Endpoint to Track Any Transaction, Even Deferred Transactions

May 14 – Use dfuse Lifecycle for Reliable Guarantees that your Transaction is on Chain

May 13 – dfuse Search is a Must for Every EOSIO Developer

May 10 – Get a Consistent View of the EOS Blockchain with the dfuse Endpoint get_table_rows

Apr 18 – Six Things Every Developer Should Know Before Starting to Build on EOSIO



Jun 27 – Phil Li from EOS Studio

Jun 20 – Pablo Gabril from Equilibrium

Apr 17 – Eric Yu from Math Wallet

Apr 10 – Christoph Michel author of Learn EOS

Apr 4 – Keywolf from SlowMist