In the past few weeks, we have seen steep adoption of the dfuse Search, even though it strictly returned irreversible results. Today we’re happy to announce that you can now query transactions in “reversible” blocks as well (those more recent than the last irreversible block).

Keeping watch over the most recent blocks is crucial when creating a dapp, as users want to have real-time response. However, this also presents the greatest challenges. Managing this flow of information is where use of the dfuse API makes all of this simple to accomplish. Whether you are building out your project on the EOS mainnet, or on either the Kylin or Jungle 2.0 testnets, dfuse Search can support you.

By simply adding the flag with_reversible=true to their query, developers are able to precisely search transactions included in live blocks before they pass the LIB, and receive a warning when paginating through results that have the slightest chance of being invalidated.

To make this accessible to all, we have included this within the eosq search as well. Just take note that any result that is still not passed LIB will include the symbol, while those which are irreversible will show as .

dfuse Live Search

Want to give it a try? Make sure to visit the dfuse site to get your free API key. If you have any questions, check through our ever-expanding documentation. Otherwise, please join the conversation in our Telegram channel and let us know what you’re building and your feature requests — we love to get your feedback.

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