Best of luck to you and your team over the course of these next sleepless hours while you develop your submission to the EOS San Fransisco Hackathon! We here at dfuse wanted to create a quick one-pager that will help you access a few tools that will make your life a little easier.

If you would like access to a streaming API that is connected to both the EOS mainnet and the CryptoKylin testnet, you can apply for your free API key in the form below.


Marc-Antoine Ross, CEO of dfuse, will be on site all weekend to help with any questions you may have. You can ping him on Telegram, or stop him when you see him and say hello! We’ll also have our team online throughout much of the hackathon to help with any questions you may have over in our Telegram channel. For all of our available documentation, you can check out our homepage at If you wanted to use the CryptoKylin testnet, we’ll provide a single source for the links that you’ll need:

To easily interact with either of the chains, we recommend using eosc, the most flexible & powerful command line tool for any developer to interact with an EOSIO chain. If you would like to spin up your own private testnet using a single command line to quickly run a test, you can use eos-bios.