Delivering the most advanced search capabilities for any blockchain, dfuse Search brings tremendous power to eosq. This means that non-developers can now have quick access to the deep knowledge that only dfuse can offer.

We have recently added two strong filters to the eosq search: block range and irreversible block flag. Let’s walk through a couple of examples of how to use these so that you can get the most out of your experience.

With the recent introduction of the referendum system, some users may want to see the amount of votes that are coming in over time. Within the search bar of eosq, we would enter the query action:vote.Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 12.14.27 PMNow if we wanted to drill down deeper to a specific time period, we could specify a block range. To do this, click the “Searching all history ” in the upper right hand corner. This will bring up a modal window in which you can specify a start block and a stop block.Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 1.36.58 PM

In this example, we are asking to be returned all votes that were cast during the block range of 40,000,000 to 40,001,000. Notice that the current block range will now appear in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 1.46.17 PM

If you wanted to search within blocks created in the very recent past, but only wanted to be returned results that were already irreversible, you would use the “Irreversible Blocks Only” checkbox. This allows you to ensure that all information you are viewing cannot change due to chain reorganizations.

We’ll be adding more filtering over time based on the incredible feedback we’ve received from the community. Please feel free to share your requests with us, as we want to ensure that you have access to the information you need. Join us in the dfuse Telegram Channel and let us know what you think!