Several members of the dfuse team travelled to the ETHWaterloo hackathon to get some quality face-to-face time with the amazing projects being built. We offered thousands of DAI (worth thousands of USD) in prizes for projects who incorporated dfuse into their development stack. Here’s a look at our top 3!


GitHub Repo – Winner of the dfuse Grand Prize

Listen to the Ethereum memory pool

The team behind EthRhythm wanted to provide a real-time visual and audio representation of the ever-changing mempool of the Ethereum mainnet. They looked to dfuse to provide a real-time stream data, and utilized our GraphQL subscription to stream pending transactions.

Going into the hackathon, dfuse exposed only confirmed transactions, but this didn’t fit with EthRhythm’s goal to visualize the mempool. So we did what any team would do during a hackathon, we rolled up our sleeves and shipped an alpha API endpoint to expose the mempool to ensure that they wouldn’t have to compromise on their vision!

They utilized the `streamTransaction` and `_alphaPendingTransaction` dfuse endpoints.

Take a look at their project and watch and listen as the mempool grows and shrinks, as transactions flow in, and then flow out once pushed into a block.


dfuse with the EthRhythm dev team


GitHub Repo – 1 of the 5 ETHWaterloo finalists

On-chain messaging delivered through MetaMask

The Connexion team set out to tie ENS and MetaMask together to create a simple messaging platform that works over the Ethereum blockchain. Hashes of the message are pushed on chain to the Connexion Smart Contract, while the message contents are uploaded to IPFS.

The team utilized dfuse to listen for any incoming transactions that should be displayed for a user within the MetaMask UI. This allowed them to consume the incoming transactions without having to manage their own Ethereum node.

The use cases for this are easy to imagine, and it was clear why this project landed amongst the top projects at the hackathon as voted by the ETHWaterloo judges!


dfuse with the Connexion dev team


Exclusive token-based chat rooms

Building on the concept of providing proof-of-attendance tokens to developers and attendees of conferences/hackathons, the team behind Etheroom wanted to create chat rooms that can be accessed only by accounts that contain specific tokens. From there, they realized that they could give users the ability to mint their own tokens, thus allowing them to create more granular chat rooms, adding greater flexibility to their platform. They utilized dfuse to stream all event logs from the token contract so as to build a whitelist of accounts that can access specific chat rooms. From there, they were able to listen for any deltas, in order to revoke access should a user send that token to another address.

Team member Charlie Morris had this to say about his first time using dfuse: “We found the dfuse API easy to integrate and a simple way to listen to real time transactions. It enabled us to track who should be authorized to enter and remain in our chatrooms.”


We had a fantastic time interacting with and listening to the needs of the many development teams who participated at this amazing event. We look forward to the next one and connecting with you.

If you haven’t already, be sure to get started with your free dfuse API key. Utilize our in-depth documentation and join the discussion to engage with our direct-access support team over Telegram. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to create the next generation of web3 applications!