Today, we want to inform our customers that EIDOS events will no longer be indexed by dfuse Search, meaning that you won’t be able to search for these events through our public APIs.

Ever since the EIDOS airdrop started on November 1st, 2019, traffic levels on the EOS mainnet have grown from an average of 5 token transfers per second to a sustained level of over 500, with sudden peaks of close to a thousand. We’ve been tracking and indexing every single events on the network, including EIDOS, as some of our customers needed all eosio.token transfers.

A recent survey with our most active customers showed that today’s interest in streaming or querying EIDOS events is under 14% and continues to decline. Most of our customers also told us that, not only weren’t they interested in these events, but they were actually filtering them out to keep their level of billed documents as low as possible.

This decision to drop the indexing of EIDOS events will drastically improve the load on our infrastructure, which will in turn improve all historical and streaming searches made by all of our customers. It might even translate into a substantial savings for customers who didn’t tweak their queries to abstract EIDOS events but didn’t need them.

If you still need to search for EIDOS events, you can still access the data on (our high-precision block explorer), but you won’t be able to filter or stream EIDOS-only events server-side.

We’re looking forward to working with everyone on an always slicker API. If you have questions about this update or anything else, get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to hearing back from you!