Original article written by blockchain_lemon and published on CSDN, China’s largest network of developers, with over 30 million registered developers. Reporter: Aholiab.

In Montreal, Canada, lives a company that empowers developers in building high-performance blockchain applications, dfuse. Powered by its low-latency architecture, dfuse’s robust APIs make it possible for features such as streaming real-time state updates, conducting lightning-fast searches.

As of now, there are more than 400 blockchain projects that are built on top of dfuse, and 30% of dfuse’s registered users are from China. To name a few: DappReview (acquired by Binance), EOS Dynasty, EOSPark, Obsidian Labs, as well as other quality projects.

The original intention of building dfuse was that the team found that developers’ blockchain data needs far exceeded what the native blockchain node could provide. With the APIs that dfuse provided, it can help developers quickly get started on blockchain and put their focus on the application’s user experience.

As one of the serial founders of dfuse, Richard Reiner is a serial entrepreneur and investor, with a deep experience in cyber security. Recently, CSDN interviewed Richard Reiner where he shared his early experiences, thoughts on blockchain, and the development of dfuse.

The following is the transcript of the interview:

“Being too early in a market almost killed my company”


CSDN: You have very rich professional experiences, you have created and were part of many companies. What experiences influenced your career the most? What are your principles in career planning?

Richard: My first company spent over a year, and almost all of our capital, building a product that almost nobody wanted — we built a Web Application firewall (WAF) in 1999/2000, and there was no real market for WAF until 2007 when the Payment Card Industry mandated the use of WAFs in all e-commerce applications. 

This mistake — being too early in a market — almost killed my company, and we spent several years finding a new direction before we eventually became very successful. I learned a lot from this experience about how to identify real opportunities and avoid wasted efforts. The path I’ve chosen in each later company was based on that principle.


CSDN: You have multiple identities: entrepreneur, investor, and consultant. Could you briefly introduce your recent priorities.

Richard: After my third CEO role, I made the decision to focus primarily on supporting exciting companies as Chairman and as a Board member. This enables me to leverage my experience by supporting the best entrepreneurs running the most exciting companies. I’m especially excited about what we are doing at dfuse Platform, where I am Executive Chairman — dfuse is building the massively scalable data infrastructure for global-scale blockchain applications. 

Over 400 companies, including some of the most famous blockchain companies, exchanges, traders, and games are already building their applications on dfuse. dfuse has also recently announced that it has open-sourced the platform, which will lead to even faster adoption and more projects being built on dfuse. It’s very exciting being part of a company that is an important part of the Web 3.0 revolution.


CSDN: You have worked in the cybersecurity space for many years. Why not create a company with blockchain security as the main business? Do you think, compared to traditional Internet security projects, blockchain has certain unique risks in terms of security. Is there a mature solution to these risks now?

Richard: Blockchain certainly presents some unique security risks. Solutions will be needed as the industry matures, and dfuse has certain plans in this area. We believe, however, that the problem of enabling developers to build large-scale blockchain based applications has to be solved first, as it is these applications that will benefit from blockchain security solutions.

Currently we are also supporting blockchain security companies such as SlowMist, providing them with deep and granular data of the chain for them to detect security risks in smart contracts, trace and track transactions to find rogue actors and lost assets. dfuse will continue to empower developers to build massively scalable and performant blockchain applications, and we will help secure these applications as well.


CSDN: You are also an investor. Have you invested in some blockchain projects? What do the proposed projects have in common?

Richard: I have invested in cybersecurity companies, big data companies, blockchain companies, and others. What they all have in common are a) highly talented teams, b) deep technology, rather than being companies that try to leverage operational excellence alone, and c) real market opportunities.

“30% of the developers are from China”


CSDN: Please share the latest developments related to dfuse. What is the total number of Chinese developers that are using dfuse? What are the Chinese developer projects that impress you most? 

Richard: I can share the fact that over 400 projects globally are being built on dfuse, including by some of the most famous blockchain companies, exchanges, traders, games, and others. China is one of our largest and most dynamic markets, with more than 30% of our registered dfuse users. We are happy to support teams at DappReview (acquired by Binance), EOS Dynasty, EOSPark, EOS Studio, Hoo, TokenPocket, WhaleEX, MYKEY, Newdex, as well as many others.

We are excited to make dfuse available to even more Chinese developers through our open source strategy. We are also working hard to continue to optimize the performance of our hosted dfuse services for our Chinese customers. Other priorities this year include building support for more blockchain platforms, including some of those that are most popular in China, as well as some new service offerings that we’ll announce when they’re ready.


CSDN: What impact would open sourcing bring to dfuse?

Richard: We have always thought about open sourcing dfuse, as open source software is strongly preferred by many developers and companies. As our platform has matured, and as the market has come to appreciate what dfuse can do, we feel the time is right now to make the platform broadly available to every developer who wants to leverage its capabilities. We will also continue to offer dfuse as a highly-available, performant, and fully hosted and managed solution, with strong SLAs and everything else that demanding businesses need. Having dfuse available both as open source software, and as a premium managed service, we will meet the needs of more developers and more customers.

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