To help developers build out tomorrow’s amazing dapps, we at dfuse are constantly looking to take more of the burden off of their plate. As such, we’re happy to announce our latest service, dfuse On Demand Networks. This new service provides a dedicated blockchain environment for dev, test or production, packed with the full suite of dfuse products, to any development team, on demand.

Whether you are looking for a short-lived development environment or for a turn key fully fledged enterprise network, dfuse On Demand Networks is the solution.

Two Options to Meet Your Needs

dfuse On Demand Networks provides two kinds of environments: dfuse Integrated and dfuse Managed.

A dfuse Integrated network is operated by your team, with dfuse’s suite of services available to improve your experience. 

A dfuse Managed network is operated by the dfuse engineering team on your behalf, allowing us to take care of everything from block production to high availability of all services, and of course access to the full suite of dfuse services — you just need to code your dapp!

Which Services You’ll Have At Your Disposal

Every dfuse network provides great tools like:

  • eosq – Have your own private version of our high-precision block explorer with the undisputed greatest granularity, a must have for your devs
  • dfuse Search – Powerful search with real time indexing
  • dfuse Events – Custom indexing for your smart contract data
  • All API services to meet your needs: REST, WebSocket and GraphQL (both query and subscription)
  • Secure, highly-available, high-performance production network – We take care of all the tuning, applying patches, migrating the data from version to version

How dfuse On Demand Networks Benefit You

Everything we offer is intended to ease your development experience, while helping you accomplish your goals faster, cheaper, and better. Consider that you won’t need a dev ops engineer to keep track of the constant updates coming out for the EOSIO software. This allows you to run leaner and avoid hiring or training someone to the intricacies of building a real time data API on top of nodeos.

You can also avoid the headaches that come with public testnets. No more constant microforks, no more lag of the Last Irreversible Block. Avoid the unpredictable downtime that can occur with mismanaged upgrades that we’ve seen in the past. Develop in stealth mode, only releasing your dapp once you’re ready for the world to see it – keep your first mover advantage!

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Launching on top of a dfuse On Demand Network is the fastest way to get any dev team started and the fastest way to get your dapp deployed to production. Another step in our mission to help developers build cheaper/faster/better experiences on EOSIO.

We are currently approving each network on a first come, first served basis, and we validate each deployment to match the needs of our customers. We believe in eating our own dogfood and have used this service to stand up our own private networks as well as our services on Kylin and Jungle 2.0. Our team, and our users of those networks, are pleased with the results – we trust that you will be pleased too!

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t worry about infrastructure challenges. Start buidling your dapp now.


About dfuse

dfuse is the blockchain API company for next-generation Web 3.0 decentralized applications that enables developers to focus on building stellar products with amazing user experiences.

dfuse believes that the future of the Web is set up today by a new generation of developers, blockchain pioneers, who are revolutionizing the way our companies and societies form, function and interact.

dfuse is organizing the world’s blockchain information flows by providing real-time streaming data, lightning-fast searches, transaction guarantees, powerful workers, and on demand networks, backed by dfuse’s low latency architecture.

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