On-Demand Network

Dedicated on-demand blockchain environments for dev, test or production, packed with the entire suite of dfuse products, ready for your development team.

Submit transactions to the blockchain and receive guaranteed irreversibility in a single call, eliminating the need to write complex code to handle and recover from intricate failure cases

dfuse Push Guarantee Features

  • Drop-in Replacement Endpoint

    By using our drop-in replacement endpoint and simply adding an HTTP header, you can submit a transaction to the network and wait for it to pass the requested amount of block producer handoffs.

  • Custom Thresholds

    Get the response back only when your transaction has reached a certain guarantee: in-block, passed 1, 2 or 3 handoffs, or is irreversible — you decide.

  • Deferred Transactions

    Set the guarantee on the “scheduling” step of a transaction instead of its execution — it could be far off into the future.

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By switching to dfuse’s GraphQL subscription query, we got rid of half our sync code, a whole server used for caching synched data, and we cut our DB size by 90% for the stored action history. This is a huge time & money savings for us.
Kedar lyer
Director of Software Development, Everipedia