Push Guarantee

Receive guaranteed irreversibility for transactions in a single call

Submit transactions to the blockchain and receive guaranteed irreversibility in a single call, eliminating the need to write complex code to handle and recover from intricate failure cases

dfuse Push Guarantee Features

  • Drop-in Replacement Endpoint

    By using our drop-in replacement endpoint and simply adding an HTTP header, you can submit a transaction to the network and wait for it to pass the requested amount of block producer handoffs.

  • Custom Thresholds

    Get the response back only when your transaction has reached a certain guarantee: in-block, passed 1, 2 or 3 handoffs, or is irreversible — you decide.

  • Deferred Transactions

    Set the guarantee on the “scheduling” step of a transaction instead of its execution — it could be far off into the future.

Interested in these features on an enterprise level?

Take a look at our Enterprise Edition

By switching to dfuse’s GraphQL subscription query, we got rid of half our sync code, a whole server used for caching synched data, and we cut our DB size by 90% for the stored action history. This is a huge time & money savings for us.
Kedar lyer
Director of Software Development, Everipedia