Search the entire history of a blockchain

Search the entire transaction history of the blockchain using a simple but powerful query language, with sub-second response times.

dfuse Search Features

  • Stream

    listen on incoming transactions, get real-time results filtered by your query

  • Cursor

    Provides a chain-wide cursor: if you get disconnected, pass it back, and your query will continue exactly where it left off

  • Fork-Aware

    Aware of chain reorganizations, and will replay them to make sure you’re always in sync

Interested in these features on an enterprise level?

Take a look at our Enterprise Edition

By switching to dfuse’s GraphQL subscription query, we got rid of half our sync code, a whole server used for caching synched data, and we cut our DB size by 90% for the stored action history. This is a huge time & money savings for us.
Kedar lyer
Director of Software Development, Everipedia