Getting the status of a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain in real time — such as pending, replaced, and in block — is now easily achievable with dfuse. Alexandre Bourget, our CTO, introduces dfuse Lifecycle for Ethereum, and how it is a powerful tool for any interactive dapp.


In general, the current user experience offered by dapps is lacking in real-time interactivity. “Imagine sending millions of dollars to someone, clicking send but the app is still not reacting in any way.” To fix this, we created the dfuse Lifecycle service that allows developers to connect to an endpoint with a transaction ID, and listen to all the important state changes — in real time.

dfuse Lifecycle provides a stream of the latest state changes for a transaction, which can be easily hooked into a graphical widget. One can show a progress bar, colored spinner, or detailed text about what is happening in real time. This reassures users that their transactions are being processed.

dfuse Lifecycle also allows developers to handle complex state transitions. After a user sends a transaction, it is possible to send the same transaction with the same nonce but a higher gas fee. In this case, the miner would choose to include the transaction with a higher gas fee, and discard the previous transaction. Moreover, since the two transactions have the same nonce, which is monotonically increasing and never repeated, the discarded transaction will never be mined again. dfuse Lifecycle has the ability to detect important state transitions like this one and deliver them in a stream.

Consequently, dapps can provide its users with real-time feedback of what is happening to their transactions within the blockchain. Whether the transaction succeeds or fails due to cancellation or other reasons, the user will always feel confident about the application.

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