There is an upcoming hard fork of the EOS mainnet to upgrade to the newly released EOSIO v1.8.1. This fork brings major changes to the payload format that will be served from native API nodes, which will cause challenges for dapps that depend directly on these response formats. But dfuse has done all of the leg work to keep your code working — we have kept all responses from our APIs consistent, giving our users full backwards compatibility, and requiring no changes in your code for EOSIO v1.8.1.

What You Need to Know Before the Upgrade to EOSIO v1.8

Dapp developers working with EOSIO have written their code to take actions based on the response format expected from EOS blockchain nodes. However, with the upgrade to v1.8 comes changes to the response payload structure. This means that apps written to interact directly with EOS nodes may cease to function after the upgrade takes place, until developers update their code to match the changed response formats.

This update process for a dapp can be costly and take a long time, as it not only involves rewriting the code, but first fully understanding the new output format and how the dapp’s code should parse it.

At dfuse we understand that not every dapp developer can spend every day keeping up with the latest breaking changes so as to stay on top of these modifications. This is why we have made the transition seamless. dfuse’s nodes have been running v1.8 for well over a month without any of our customers noticing any change. This is because our services deal with the EOSIO changes for you and maintain a consistent result format.

By using dfuse’s GraphQL, WebSocket, or REST interfaces today, you are shielded from these and future changes in the underlying blockchain nodes version. Through our GraphQL endpoints, dfuse also gives you the ability to get richer results faster, with fewer queries, and smaller response payloads. EOSIO networks supported by dfuse – Mainnet, Jungle, and Kylin – that are running on v1.7 or v1.8 will output the same data for you.

When Do You Need To Be Ready

Currently there is an on-chain proposal for the date of September 23rd, 2019 at 1300 UTC. This gives well over 2 months for dapp developers around the world to get ready for the upcoming upgrade. But again, if you’re a dfuse user, you’re ready today and won’t need to take any further action.

This allows you and your team to focus on what you do best, building the next great dapps for tomorrow’s web3.


If you have any comments or questions, please join the discussion in the dfuse API Telegram channel. And if you want to start taking advantage of our services, you can get started for free in just a matter of minutes. We look forward to helping your project come to life!