Partnership Announcement

As Ultra gets closer to its public launch, they need to ensure that their platform is performant and ready for scale. Sometimes it makes the most sense to partner with best-of-breed solutions that are already in the market, so that Ultra can focus on their core capabilities. Ultra gains the experience of their external partners, while freeing up resources to focus on improving core competencies.

dfuse has been building high-throughput blockchain data solutions for the past two years, and is currently deployed on many EOSIO and Ethereum chains, with other protocols under active development. They provide a massively scalable infrastructure for hundreds of public and private deployments, including exchanges, trading operations, interactive games, social media platforms, supply chain solutions, and high throughput regulated environments.

Ultra is proud to announce that they have chosen dfuse as their API solution for accessing historical data on the Ultra blockchain. Through this collaboration, dfuse will be contributing its real-time, historical and fork-aware search engine (dfuse Search), transaction push guarantees and lifecycle (dfuse Lifecycle), historical state services (dfuse State), and many more blockchain building blocks to the Ultra ecosystem.


Why Ultra Chose dfuse

Factors which were important parts of Ultra’s decision making process included:

  1. The established nature of dfuse in the market — Having a proven track record is critical when talking about providing API access to the Ultra team. dfuse is battle-tested, production ready, and has demonstrated its robustness.
  2. Feature and performance requirements — Ultra’s need for event streaming, history query/indexing, state streaming and low latency are all met by dfuse.
  3. Open source — as of March, 2020, dfuse has been open source and available for use publicly. This was a big influence for Ultra as it gives Ultra the ability to look under the hood if needed.


About Ultra

Ultra is the first ecosystem that aggregates all of your gaming activities into one highly polished package.

Our focus is on real ownership of assets, which means empowering users through advanced web 3 technologies. Ultra is giving gamers the power they deserve. Ultra is here to propose a new way forward which hands the power back to users through real ownership of games, accounts, and digital assets.

Earn While You Play, Thrive While You Build

Part of our goal at Ultra is to make something more than just a platform for fairly distributing games and their content. Ultra is striving to enable new and unique experiences for players and developers to earn by creating content. Reviews can be monetized. Users with large followings, say from Twitch, can earn through referrals. Developers can quickly reinvest their earnings into advertising budgets directly on the Ultra platform because of faster payouts.

It’s a wide, open world which Ultra thinks will entice and excite the gaming world in a way that nothing before it ever has.

About dfuse

dfuse, the blockchain API company, helps developers build performant applications by organizing the world’s decentralized data.

Powered by its low-latency, robust, and open-source architecture, dfuse makes it possible to stream real-time state updates, conduct lightning-fast searches and provide irreversible transaction guarantees, all for the first time using a simple API call. The company’s flagship products, dfuse Search, dfuse Lifecycle, dfuse State and dfuse On Demand Networks offer a suite of powerful features that make it easy for developers to customize and deliver first-rate user experiences.

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